Three types of bikes are available, both are easy-to-use.
Try our HUBchari and make your travel in Osaka simpler, more enjoyable and more comfortable!

【Analog member】Normal Bike

 Mark Rosa

  • Wheel size : 26 Inch
  • 6-speed shifter
  • Between road bike and granny bike



 【Necessary Thing

  • Identification
  • Cash

 Mini vélo

  • Wheel size : 20 Inch
  • 6-speed shifter
  • Suitable for user over 110cm in height.
  • Users under 18-years-old should use our HUBchari under the care of their parents or guardians.  The parents and the guardians should take responsibility for the children's safety when using HUBchari.

  Necessary Thing

  • Identification
  • Cash


【When you rent the bike

  1. The registration form is filled out at the port.The address of the hotel you are staying and your phone number will be necessary.Moreover, please indicate the port you will be returning the bike.
  2. It needs the deposit(1,000yen). Pay 1,000 yen( deposit ) and 200 yen for one-time-user and 1,000 yen for 12-hours-user.
  3. Get a membership card and a bike key. Then you are free to enjoy riding through the beautiful city of Osaka!



Price 200yen/hour
Deposit   1,000yen
First payment amount → 200 yen (first 1 hour) + 1,000 yen (deposit) = 1,200 yen
Price 1,000yen/12hours
Deposit   1,000yen
First payment amount → 1000 yen (first 12 hours) + 1,000 yen (deposit) = 2,000 yen

If you are using a bike for over 5 hours,  consider our 12 hour plan!

If your rental period is longer than two or more consecutive days, please use the “12-hours” program.

The total price would be “[ ( 12 hours x 1,000 yen ) + 1000 yen ( deposit ) ]”.



Please make sure that there are parking place for bikes at your hotel or other legal parking place before choosing the “12-hours” program. Parking in illegal places would lead to towings and fines. If the bike is towed because of illegal parking, you will have to pay 10,000 yen to the HUBchari office for compensation.  

*Example of 200/hour

*Example of 1,000/12hours

 An additional charge of JPY 1,000 will be applied if the rental period exceeds 12 hours.


HUBchari agreement document.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 49.0 KB

The Number of bikes at our stations

※OPEN HOUR and ADDRESS are this →


  Mark Rosa (26 Inch) Mini vélo (21Inch)
Sky Bldg 3~5 0~1

HUBchari secretariat

10~15 1~3

Osaka Gas Bldg

6~10 1~3


3~12 0~2


 ※ We apologize that the child-seat-attached bicycle and rental helmet is currently not available.

※ HUBchari 20-inch and 26-inch bikes are only suitable for children who are over 110cm in height and able to ride bicycle themselves.

※ If you are planning to use more than 3 bikes, to make sure that there would be enough bikes at the station, please contact us in advance to make a reservation.The port which can be reserved is only  HUBchari secretariat(Nakatsu station)and Osaka Gas Bldg,Please accept it.

【Analog member MAP】Normal BIke