Q. Who runs HUBchari?

Non-Profit-Organization Homedoor runs HUBchari. We found to create jobs for homeless people in Japan.
So our some staff can't speak English. Sorry...

Q. opening hours?

It is opened 24hours except for under stations.

・Osaka Gas Bldg                    Weekday am 7:30 - pm 6:30

・Daimaru Shinsaibashi   Everyday am 9:45 - pm 8:45 

・America-mura                Everyday am 11:00 - pm 7:00  

・HUBchari secretariat  Weekday am 11:00 - pm 6:00
                                                 Saturday & Holiday pm1:00 - pm 6:00


Q. Can I use bicycle beyond 1 day?

In the case of ANALOG MEMBERSHIP if you convey it at the station when you rent a bike, you can use beyond 1 day and under 1 week. You need to return it in only business hours.

(For example) In case of 12-hours-user ,

                           8/1 11:00→8/2 10:59     ¥2,000

                           8/1 11:00→8/2 12:00     ¥3,000

                           8/1 11:00→8/3 10:59     ¥4,000

You can't change plan in using. 

Q. Can i reserve in advance?

<ANALOG> Reservation can be made in advance at only HUBchari secretariat within the open hours. If you would like to make any reservations, please contact us via e-mail by 12:00am 2days before. 

Tel : (+81)70-5436-2892.

Mail :  hubchari-support@homedoor.org 


※When you'd like to use more than 4 bicycles, please contact us by 4 days before. But perhaps we cannot prepare for you. Sorry.

<SMART>You can book a bike on"My page" before 20 minutes you'd like to rent.


Q. In case some parts of bicycle is broken?

<ANALOG>You will have to pay 3,500 yen for repairing costs.
<SMART>Please call the support center.(0120-116-819)

Q. When bicycle is stolen or taken by the city government because of illegal parking?

<ANALOG>You will have to pay 10,000 yen as we need to buy a new bike. When you don't know if the bike is stolen, or got removed by the city government, you must pay  10,000 yen.

Q. Can I get a receipt?

<ANALOG>For the one -time-user and 12-hour-user, you can get the receipt when you return the bicycle. 
<SMART>Please use usage details on "My Page"

Q. Do you provide an attachable child seat?

There are no bike attached Child-seat.

Q. Do you have any kind of bicycle which is suitable for children?

Unfortunately there are no bikes for children. Users must be at least 145cm tall.

Q. Can I confirm how many bikes there are at each stations?

<ANALOG>Please call us  (+81)70-5436-2892.
<SMART> You can check number of available bikes at each stations on "My page" after registration.


Q. i have lost my member card?

If you lost the member card, we will not be able to return the 1,000 yen deposit back to you. 
And in this case, the staff will have to check your ID (ex. passport) when you return the bicycle back to the station.


Q. What should I do if the electric motor runs out of battery while I'm using a bike?

You can use it as a non-electric bike. However, it is important that you return your bike before the battery comletely runs out as you won't be able to return the bike if the battery is empty. Shoud it happen, please call the support center immediately. Please make sure you check the battery level on the panel of the bike before you ride.

How can I check the battery level of my bike?

Please turn on the power and check the number indicating the level of battery on the panel of your bike.

Can you replace the battery or the bike if the battery runs out along the way?

Unfortunately we can't replace your bike nor the battery as we don't provide such service.

I forgot the 4-digit password. What should I do?

The 4-digit password is in the email that was sent earlier when the reservation was been completed. Please check the email again. If you didn't receive the email, or already deleted the email, please call the support center.(0120-116-819)