• Wheel size : 20 Inch
  • 3-speed shifter
  • Suitable for user over 110cm in height.
  • Users under 18-years-old should use our HUBchari under the care of their parents or guardians.  The parents and the guardians should take responsibility for the children's safety when using HUBchari.


 Necessary Thing

  • Identification
  • Cash
英語 スマート会員説明書 HP用.pdf
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 One-day pass

(Designated IC card)

 1,500 yen / day + 500yen(Deposit)       (tax included)

(Note1)Until 23:59 on the day of renting.Deposit will be refunded when you return the card.

(Note2)Returning the IC card, it's only possible on the pass sales port 1.

(Note3)In order to use the one-day pass, it is necessary to present an identification

                   and fill the registration form.

 The stations

where  One-day pass can be bought

  •  HUBchari office(中津) 
  • America port
  • Osaka Gas Bldg
  • Hostel JIN

 【When you rent the Electric bike

  • It needs the deposit(500yen).When you return the bike and HUBchari card,we will refund the deposit.
  • There are no child seats.
  • Payment:Cash  ※No credit card payment allowed



  1.  The registration form is filled out at the port.The address of the hotel you are staying and your phone number will be necessary.Moreover, please indicate the port you will be returning the bike.
  2. You pay the 2,000yen.
  3. Get a membership card and a bike. Then you are free to enjoy riding through the beautiful city of Osaka!