【Smart  member】Electric bike

  • Wheel size : 20 Inch
  • 3-speed shifter
  • Suitable for user over 110cm in height.
  • Users under 18-years-old should use our HUBchari under the care of their parents or guardians.  The parents and the guardians should take responsibility for the children's safety when using HUBchari.


 Necessary Thing

  • Mobile phone that can receive e-mail
  • Credit card

  ※If you have  IC card.(ex:PiTaPa,ICOKA,nanaco)

【Pricing】(tax EXCLUDED)

One time user

150yen / 30minutes

If exceeds 30 minutes of use , an additional charge of 100 yen will be applied every 30 minutes.

One day user     1,389yen / day

※It costs 1,,480 yen until 23:59 on the day of renting.

If the bike is returned after 24:00, an extra charge of 1,480yen will be added, please be careful.

Monthly user

2,000yen / month

※Within 30 minutes, you can use the bike as many times as you want.

If exceeds 30 minutes of use , an additional charge of 100 yen will be applied every 30 minutes.

Payment:Credit card ※No cash payment allowed


【When you rent the Electric bike


・Need to Member registration. Account required) Please register in advance.

・Member registration is here.  https://tcc.docomo-cycle.jp/cycle/HUB/cs_web_main.php

・There are no child seats.

Reservation is possible from 20 minutes before renting.

Payment:Credit card ※No cash payment allowed

How to rent

   ①        ②          ③

First time user registration

  1.   From the member registration site, register phone number, e-mail address and credit card. After registration, on My Page select 【member information】→ 【member card registration】in order to get the pass code.
  2. Under the bicycle seat there is the control panel. Please press the 【START】→ 【ENTER】and enter the passcode you got.
  3. Hold the IC card above the 【Felica】 card reader on the bicycle control panel to complete the registration.    ※ Confirm that bellows appears the message <Lending>. It’s successful if the electronic lock opens.

Rent(After IC card registration)

  1.  Press the 【START】button on the bicycle control panel.
  2. Hold the registered IC card above the Felica card reader.
  3. Lock opens


  1. Return the bike to the base and lock it.
  2. Press the 【Enter】button on the bike control panel to complete the return process.
  3. Return complete e-mail will be send to your registered e-mail address.

Temporary parking

  1. When you park and lock the bike , you will receive a lock confirmation e-mail.
  2. After pressing the 【START】button on the bike control panel, the registered IC card will be locked.                            ※If you received a passcode,please enter that passcode.


【If you don't have IC card】Rent

  1. After complete the member registration , log into My Page.
  2. On My Page, select【Choose from parking area】, select parking lot and choose the bike you want to rent.A passcode will be issued.
  3.  Press【START】on the bike operation panel and enter the passcode.The bike will be unlocked.


※OPEN HOUR and ADDRESS are this →https://hubchari-english.jimdo.com/station-map/

Ports Number
SJ Osaka Central 2~5
Shinsekai 1~3
Osaka Sumitomo Building Tower 3 2~5
FRESPO Higashi-osaka 1~3
FRESPO Tsurumi 2~4
FRESPO Nagata 2~5
Osaka Gas Bldg 2~5
HUBchari secretariat  2~5
Hotel Raizan North 1~3
First Cabin Hanshin Nishiumeda 0~3
Shopping mall "bears" port 0~2
America-mura 1~3

※ We apologize that the child-seat-attached bicycle and rental helmet is currently not available.

※ HUBchari 20-inch bike is only suitable for children who are over 110cm in height and able to ride bicycle themselves. 


This battery of Electric bike can't keep for 2days.It can keep for 1day.Please make sure that there are parking place for bikes at your hotel or other legal parking place. Parking in illegal places would lead to towings and fines. If the bike is towed because of illegal parking, you will have to pay 10,000 yen to the HUBchari office for compensation.  

【Smart  member MAP】Electric bike