On roadways, please follow the instructions, warnings, and prohibitive regulations as provided by road traffic signs, markings, and signals, as well as directions given by traffic officers or personnel directing and inspecting traffic pursuant to laws and regulations.

 1.  Please ride on the left hand side of the road.

   2. You should ride on the vehicle lanes but not on the sidewalks or pedestrian crossing, unless there are following circumstances:






  • When there is a sign, which means that this part of road is marked for both bicycle and pedestrian use. 

  • When you are children under 13-years-old, or elders over 70-years-old.
  • When there are too many vehicles on the road and would be difficult or dangerous to ride on the road.

3. When passing sidewalks, please take care of the pedestrians, especially children, older or disabled people, and you must give pedestrians the right of way.

4. When pass through the edge of the road, if there draws double white line, that part is preserved for pedestrian.  Bicycle riders should prevent from riding in this field.






5. Please comply with the traffic green light to cross intersections.

6. The following behaviors are prohibited:


a.     Driving while intoxicated.

b.     Carrying a back seat passenger (Except children under 6-year-old, and the bike is provided with a child seat.) 

c.     Riding on the road side by side.

7. Bicycle should be parked at a legal parking place. Otherwise, the bicycle would be towed for illegal parking.

(Copyright for the pictures on explaining the traffic rules all belong toMetropolitan Police Department.)